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Welcome to the world of virtual reality traveling!

Have you ever wanted to see the Caribbean, discover new virgin islands, see wild fishes up-close and “personal” before traveling .? Well this is now possible in the comfort of your own home with the help of 360Luxury virtual reality concierge service.

We have created you a list of great Caribbean locations, outstanding luxury villas, dream beaches,  showing you different places from the Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Casa de Campo and Punta Cana. It’s up to you where you want to have you Try before you travel experience.  Whether it is to a luxury gated  resort or a luxury honey moon escape, 360Luxury Virtual Reality concierge service will provide you with an outstanding menu of virtual reality tours, taken from our team of specialist to give you the opportunity to make the most qualified travel decision as possible.

Go ahead, start your virtual adventure!

Need sun, want to fly over private islands?

Visit Caribbean islands with our 360Luxury virtual reality mode and dive into the most beautiful places at 360 ° with Google your Cardboard . Homido Zeiss VR One GearVR

Visit the amazing  Sanoa Island, Private Beaches in Punta Cana n, St Barts and the magic Sandy Island !

Virtual Tour Reality

360Luxury Virtual Reality lbrings the Caribbean mood, temperament,  to your home in true VR video, and with sound! Don’t forget to turn the music on to get the full immersive experience!!

The real virtual tour experience in the Caribbean paradise…”

Experience what it’s like to be ‘kissed’ by  the sun, stunning white sandy beaches and a wild tropical jungle

In May 2015 VR 360 Luxury started this project to create the first ever virtual reality Caribbean experience for the luxury vacation rental market.. One of the main goals of the project is to create for our wealthy customers and outstanding immersive experience before their travels to the most gorgeous places in the world. We at 360luxury combine Renting luxury villas and virtual reality to provide the best imaginable concierge service to our clients and luxury partners.

VR 360Lxuury have many projects coming up, bringing more Caribbean and luxury rental villas to you, so stay tuned!


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