Our virtual reality production expertise can help you build tailor-made worlds to enrapture brand new audiences…


Our virtual reality production knowledge can help you to create tailor-made virtual worlds to reach out to brand new spectators.

We are now have the advantage where the tech behind Virtual Reality (VR) is meeting clients expectations. Thanks to the development of state-of-the-art VR platforms, devices and mobile solutions – from the Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, and upwards to the high-end Valve Vive and Oculus Rift – VR can be an reachable and utterly unique experience for the masses.

360Luuxry Virtual Reality production is commonly discussed as a means for revolutionizing Tourist and Affluent travel expierence to provide remarkable services in the travel marketing industry due to the ability of VR marketing since it can fully immerse your clients in a bespoke world and forge an original and long-lasting personal connection. VR production is matchless in its capacity to build environments from a brand’s vision, and have spectators inhabit them.

This interactive way of experiencing  360 video  could be used for online commercials, event after movies, post- and pre-roll advertising, documentaries, music videos, news items, brand activations, training videos, scientific researches and so on.

Our creative minds are dedicated to go beyond traditional  virtual Tours and film making by using 360 video in the most unique way. Using the latest 360° camera techniques, we create a revolutionary film and virtual tour reality experience and make it interactive by expanding the traditional scope. We were founded on the passion to push the limits of 360° film and Virtual Reality making and to awe people with amazing full scope images.

VR can be presented as 360 Virtual Reality Tours and Videos on customized Websites or via custom developed apps. We can also advise you on integrating VR content into a stand or display for a conference, and we are able to tailor our work to suit your needs. 360Luxury is pleased to be one of the most outstanding  Virtual Reality production companies in America, and our experience in VR production will help you bring your message to life.

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