Virtual Reality Vacations

A mature business man wears a virtual reality headset, controlling the experience with hand gestures. 360Luxury try before you fly vacation rental experience by virtual reality

Virtual Reality Vacations


What will the vacation planning of the future look like?  360Luxury recently released its “Holiday of the Future” website, which has some enlightening predictions about how technology will ease our clients travel woes.

Virtual reality has the potential to radically change travel. Clients on our website can ‘try before they fly’ by visiting our locations in VR, from the white sandy beaches  to the most luxurious vacation rental villas.

The Future Of Virtual Tour Reality

Kite Beach Cabarete

“This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us.” — Western Union internal memo, 1876.

In the 1960’s Douglas Engelbart created  the computer mouse, a milestone in computer history.The next big step  forward was created by  Dr.Samuel C.Hurst  by inventing  the electronic touch screen. Even So most customers think today apple invented the first touch screen.

360Luxury Virtual Tour Reality

Vacation Rental Villa

The 360Luxury Virtual Tour Reality apartment  helped the 360Luxury vacation rental squad to revitalize their online customer experience with, ‘Try Before You Travel’ in a series of Avantgarde virtual reality holiday adventures and experiences.

Key Facts

Client: 360Luxury Virtual Reality

Partner: 360Luxury Vacation Rentals

Campaign: Best And Beyond

Deliverables:  51 Luxury Vacation Villas in the Caribbean , HTLM5 web player, Virtual Reality Tours for Google.

Location: Caribbean

Project Date: Starting June 2015

The Challenge

Following a positive initial trial at the 360Luxury online Booking Plattform,360Luxury, a pioneer in the virtual reality trav el and tourism industry, hired their creative apartment  to produce a range of immersive 360 VR virtual tours. Potential 360Luxury clients visiting their online website are invited to experience a series of virtual tour holiday location in the Caribbean and outstanding luxury rental Villas. Also in virtual reality by donning a headset from on the Samsung Gear VR and Google.



The Solution

After approving the innovative brief and key locations for the roll out, a 360Luxury team traveled to the Dominican Republic  to visit the north coast, Cabarete, Sosua, Cabreara, and also heading to the south to amazing locations like Punta Cana and Casa de Campo over the course of a few months to capture the required virtual reality content. Impressive locations in the middle of a Caribbean paradise.

“Thanks to working with 360Luxury Virtual Reality we have been one of the first luxury villa vacation rental company to deliver online virtual tour reality to our clients, and we’ve seen a good conversion rate for bookings made after we started using the VR content on our webpage and mobile devices.” Johannes Hofmann CEO 360Luxury.

The bespoke content features a variety of Caribbean destinations offered by 360Luxury, allowing customers to enjoy a range of ‘taster’ experiences, such as a helicopter tour with private beaches, a complete overview of luxury rental villa to try before the travel, visiting the sport capital of the Caribbean Cabarete, or the outstanding  golf courses in Punta Cana and Casa de Campo.